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Auto post to twitter


Why do I need crossposting (auto post) to Twitter? In last time, Twitter has become increasingly popular. In Twitter registered not only bloggers or people, but also there are various companies, sites, social networking services, blogs. Twitter has become a good platform for crossposting for blogs, news sites, forums.

With activity in the Twitter you get a number of advantages:

  1. Attracts more audience to the site;
  2. Fast indexing of your articles;
  3. Sites that do not have the possibility to subscribe to Twitter, lose attention;

Do not hesitate, do auto post to twitter right now!

It’s very simple – do not need any additional plug-ins. All you need – it’s Twitter account and Google account. Will use the service Feedburner:

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Auto post to twitter

Posted 2 years ago
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