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Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :)

Extra Speed Blog – maybe, most fast free WordPress Template

Extra Speed Blog – maybe, most fast free WordPress Template

Extra Speed Blog – it is my new WordPress template for free use. Hight-quality code and simple unobtrusive design. Adaptive layout via Bootstrap 4 and full mobile-friendly. Full compatibility for all major browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE/Edge. Adaptive layout for best viewing on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
But seems like, the main feature – it is the maximum speed. Result Google PageSpeed Insights have 100/100. Just check it (links bellow). Probably, this is first of the world Bootstrap theme with 100/100 result.

Extra Speed Blog WordPress Template, information:

Cleared code doing good Text/HTML ratio – especially relevant parameter for SEO. Auto-generated alt and title attributes for thumbnails. In addition smart titles in header use h2 for single post and h1 for other pages. It mean, for single post will be one h1 only – the post title. As a result, you will have already base internal SEO-optimisation.
Additional features: three blocks for widgets (one in the sidebar and two in the footer), two customizable menus and customization for header (background, font color, logotype and header image).


Live demo: Watch result. Validator: Watch result.
Google PageSpeed: Watch result
Mobile-Friendly Test: Watch result.


1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance -> Themes and click the Add New button.
2. Click Upload and Choose File, then select the theme’s .zip file. Click Install Now.
3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.


1. Configuring the Blog Name and Description
* Go to Settings -> General.
* Change Site Title.
* Change Tagline.

2. Configuring Menus
* Go to Appearance -> Menus
* Add and change Menus.

3. Configuring Widgets
* Go to Appearance -> Widgets
* Add and change Widgets.


* New: option for load CSS. Now you can choose – load it via JS or not
* New: option for load JS. Now you can choose – use “defer” attribute or not
* Fix: comment textarea
* Fix: post format gallery

* New:
* Header title use h2 for single post and h1 for home page;
* Added new post types;
* Added alt and title attributes for thumbnails;
* Fix: nav and paging styles;

* New: if debug is enabled, the theme will use full (not minifity) version CSS and JS;
* Fix: CSS for widgets;

* New features for customize;

* Optimization in accordance with the Google PageSpeed;
* Translated on Ukrainian and Russian;

* Initial release.

You can use this template can absolutely free. Please – do not delete the copyright of the author.

Download the latest version of the template

If you want adapt this template for the other CMS (Joomla!, Drupal, etc.) - please report it via the contact form. If you like the template, please click on one of the buttons to share it with your friends. Thanks!

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