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What the customer wantedNeeded a stand-alone blog with a photo gallery and some possibilities "livejournal-style" Well, of course, 100% valid code and cross-browser compatibility.

What has been doneI think that I have the full right to call it exclusive, since in this work has been realized several exclusive solutions.
First - this is the server time (display tooltips). Time is not displayed via javascript. I use php - it allows the visitor, regardless of the time zone, see time of the mistress of the blog.
This is seen in the screenshot (made at a time when the mouse was been hover on the clock).
The second - a gallery, or rather a link to it. Links is a picture on the wall - it varies depending on the time of day. Do not believe me? - Then try to open the blog morning, afternoon and evening ;) marmoset update It's almost the only job for which customer so here thanked. Here, see for yourself: Many thanks for thanks ;) constructor