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MENU constructor constructor

What the customer wantedFor online store needed the home cinema constructor: for visitor is invited to answer a few questions, and based on the responses generate the most suitable offer. It should be possible to send the generated result by email and save to PDF. Prices and product names should be taken from the database of online store.

What has been doneFor frontend were used modern frameworks - such as Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery. The server part is made based on CodeIgniter, but not as a shop module - this solution allows you to not be tied to a specific platform. The constructor has its own adminpanel in which customer can edit the questions and constructor settings. In the process, I learned about some of the nuances of home theater - for example, for room of 60 sq.m. do not use the 5 speakers, since this is not enough for a complete volumetric sound. The constructor turned out quite smart and takes into account such nuances, and in the case of discrepancies room size and the number of speakers/subwoofers warns visitors that this values are not correct, and displays the corrected result. constructor