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What the customer wantedOnline Shop of projectors and related equipment. Key requirements - has to be user-friendly search (actually several types of search) of projectors and related equipment.

What has been doneTo store was chosen platform WebAsyst. The most time-consuming part of the work - the plug-in charge of the search. Despite the fact that there is a built in WebAsyst "advanced search" for various reasons had to do a separate module:
First, the default searches work within categories only - but in task, he had to work on all pages.
Secondly, according to the task, depending on the categories and add. characteristics of the item, should be output or goods, or results page (you can click the "Select Model" or "select Part Number" to see the difference). There have also been less important tasks that standard search could not cope. Also did created search module for articles (articles module used by JOrange does not have a search). constructor