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What the customer wantedGiven: old site on primitive CMS. Requires: a site with elements of social network, operating with a high load (55 000 users at the start of the work)

What has been doneAs a "working tool" made NGCMS - perhaps the most adapted to high loads of open-source engines. Some plugins were taken "out of the box" - such as messages between users, some plugins converted from the "regular" - such as registration or the addition of applications, but the best part of plugins was written specifically for this project. In addition to creating the template, I have been made:
1. notifications of new posts
2. Search users
3. Advanced search with the additional fields
4. Two plug-in, working as a mini-adminbar (ie a user adds or edits their data through them without falling into the admin panel site)
5. Statistics
After the develop of the project owner said that the new site is much faster than the old - generation of any page is less than 0.1 seconds. constructor