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Puilo (plugin for WordPress)

Puilo (plugin for WordPress)
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This plugin replaces the surname of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in publications WordPress. In March 2014 this Ukrainian and Russian slogan was performed in its current form and became a nationwide hit in Ukraine during the events of the 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

The words are identical in both Russian and Ukrainian and the chant has become widely popular in Ukrainophone cities in the west of the country and in largely Russophone cities of eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as in Kiev, the nation’s capital. See more on Wikipedia (Putin khuilo!).


Unzip the plugin into the directory /wp-content/plugins/ your blog and activate the plugin on dashboard.


1.0 Write simple plugin.
1.1 Plugin works with Cyrillic characters in titles and posts.
1.2 Added ability to translation (internationalization, i18n). Added Ukrainian and Russian translations.

Download from

Posted 2 years ago
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