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Ukrainian Trident made by CSS


Today Ukraine is celebrating Independence Day. This year, because of the Russian invasion, the Independence Day will be different from past holidays:

The traditional firework on Independence Day on August 24 will not.
Parade of military equipment on Independence Day on August 24 will not.
Parade of Ukrainian embroidered shirts on Independence Day on August 24 will not.
At 12:00 will be declared a nationwide minute of silence in commemoration of those killed in war on Donbass.

And yet, I want to congratulate all the citizens of Ukraine on Independence Day. I decided to do the coat of arms of Ukraine. The Ukrainian trident was created solely by means of CSS, without any graphical elements. You can see this by disabling the image in browser  and reload the page – the coat of arms will be visible.

If someone is interested, how this done, you can see the source code. If something is not clear, you can ask a question in the comments.

Posted 2 years ago
Category: News

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