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Fake deals on upwork

Fake deals on upwork
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This post for those freelancers who work on – the world’s largest stock exchange of freelancing. Also this post are warning about scams, hacking accounts and sending out phishing web offers.
For last week to me came three proposals with a very attractive working conditions – the price on 200% – 250% higher than the average for similar services on If you receive a similar message, be sure to make sure that in front of you no fake.

To make post much clearer, I publish some screenshots:

Mail screenshot

Fake deals on upwork, mail screenshot

Fake deals on upwork, mail screenshot

Screenshot of deal from

Fake deals, screenshot from

Fake deals, screenshot from

Cheater site screenshot

Fake deals on upwork, cheater site screenshot

Fake deals on upwork, cheater site screenshot

I would like to once again publish the standard advice on the security of your account:
1 – You must use individual password for (it does must not match the password for the email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
2 – You must connect phone number to your upwork account
3 – Not login on upwork via another computers, but if you need it, do not use the save function in the browser passwords
4 – Do not go directly to an external link in message, you can copy it and then open in another(!) browser.

I don`t know, how Alan Hochman account has been compromised, but I will not exclude that in the same way. Perhaps Alan accepted fake offer from freelancer with very attractive conditions (price is lower than the average for, or deadlines very-very low), and he clicked on the external link in the message.
Therefore, caution also applies to employers – you must be extremely careful. And the proposal, for example, delete malware for $10 you should strongly guard – never adequate specialist will not work for this money. And needless to say, not click on the external links.

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