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Block the Delivery by city in WooCommerce.

Posted 11 months ago | Leave a comment

Some time ago I’ve wrote on the limitation of US states in WooCommerce. However, a similar task may occur not only with the states, but also with individual counties or cities – it a matter of American administrative units. In addition to the states, the US has the incorporated/unincorporated territory (such as Puerto Rico or […]

Simple rating bar via stars

Posted 1 year ago | Leave a comment

I like simple solutions, because simple solution means reliability solution. For one of the projects I needed the rating bar consisting of stars. Basic requirements – a minimum of code, HTML and CSS only. Without JavaScript, without additional font files, but with the percentage rating. Those, if you have all 5 stars, but the item […]

How pack and unpack archives via SSH

Posted 1 year ago | Leave a comment

It happens, that some hosting company have inconvenient hosting control panel – and work with files is no possibility, or this feature is bad implemented / this feature is very inconvenient. FTP manager does not always work – for example, when working with archives. A typical example – Masterhost. Somehow they decided that their customers […]

WordPress PageSpeed optimization

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

Quite often turn to me with a request to “speed up site” – say, Google shows 50 out of 100, and because of this the site is lost in SERP. In this lesson, we try to understand what determines speed of site and whether it is possible to achieve results from Google PageSpeed 100/100.

Internationalization of the WordPress Plugins

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

So, suppose we wrote a plugin which is already working successfully. One way to make it more popular – is to add the ability to translate into other languages. Internationalization and transliteration. First, let’s define some terms. Translation of a ready plugins – this is a transliteration. When a plugin writing, we create the opportunity […]

New features of HTML5 form

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

Recently I worked with template that it was necessary to include on CMS. The template is declared doctype of HTML 5, but the possibility of the 5th version of the HTML, have not been used. So I want to tell the novice designers some things, that will make your site more friendly and semantic.

Custom logo for wordpress template

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

Many premium WordPress templates have settings page, which is a very handy tool for those who are not know languages markup or programming. As a rule, on settings page you can change the logo, color scheme of the site, the location of the ad units or counters. And not need to change the code of […]

Auto post to twitter

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

Why do I need crossposting (auto post) to Twitter? In last time, Twitter has become increasingly popular. In Twitter registered not only bloggers or people, but also there are various companies, sites, social networking services, blogs. Twitter has become a good platform for crossposting for blogs, news sites, forums.

WordPress customization before installation

Posted 2 years ago | Leave a comment

Few people know that some customization WordPress you can make before its installation. It is enough to add a few lines in the file wp-config.php. The proposed settings can enhance the safety and convenience of working with WordPress, as well as reduce the burden on database.

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