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Template Extra Speed Blog for WordPress
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Template Extra Speed Blog for WordPress

My new WordPress template for free use. Hight-quality code, simple unobtrusive design, adaptive layout via Bootstrap 4, full mobile-friendly. Full compatibility with all major browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE/Edge. Adaptive layout for best viewing on PCs, tablets and smartphones. But the main feature – it is the maximum speed, result Google PageSpeed […]

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Fake deals on upwork

Fake deals on upwork
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This post for those freelancers who work on – the world’s [...]
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SLON Example
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SLON Example

Reconnecting JavaScript leads to its re-execution, i.e. issue of the site productivity. Also, this can lead to unpleasant side effects – for example, if a given script binds an action to a click on a certain element, when pressed this action will be executed several times. Few weeks ago I wrote most popular reasons of […]

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